Glass Bottle Design

glass bottle design

Custom glass bottles design – Hualian glass From Concept to Commercialization

Custom made glass bottles is Hualian glass bottle specialty , we have a skilled in-house design team dedicated to fulfilling your glass bottle, jar, and container customization needs. 

Our team will work with you from the start to fully understand your needs and expectations. They may also recommend helpful design ideas and suggest manufacturing options. 

This mould and Glass Bottle Design is private and exclusively owned by our customer’s brands. 

The advantages of choosing our design:

1. Low mold cost: Our mold is about $1200-3500 (500ml mold cost is about $2300, 750ml mold cost is about $2600)

2. A variety of mold solutions can be selected:

The sample mold only needs $1000, and the glass sample can be made in less than 30 days. The sample quantity is 4-8pc.

3D printing mold samples, the cost is only $ 300, about 7 days can be completed.

3. The design cost is low. If you want to design first, we only charge a design fee of $400, and we will give you 3D drawings that can be 3D printed. This copyright belongs to you. If mass production is carried out, we will compensate you again for the design cost to pay for the mold cost.

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