Plants suitable for planting in glass boxes

Plants suitable for planting in glass boxes

1. Ferns: Almost all ferns are suitable for planting in glass boxes (greenhouses). The most suitable ones are those with small leaves, such as pteridophyte, maidenhair fern, painted fern, green cloud grass, etc. Large plants are fine.

 2. Moss: Moss is also very suitable for glass boxes, especially for covering plants. Some moss grow tall like grass in a meadow, but most of them are carpet-like, less than half a centimeter in height.

 3. Reticulum: This plant is very short, only more than 20 cm in height, and the leaves have three-dimensional veins, so it is very suitable for glass boxes. The veins are white, red or pink.

 4. African Violets: As mentioned earlier, it is not suitable to grow flowers in glass boxes, but African violets are an exception. Because the plants are small, the flowers are small.

 5. Guanye Begonia: The leaves of Guanye Begonia are very beautiful, and some are very bright in color, such as the common Wangqiu Begonia, because it is not afraid of humidity, so you can choose to plant it.

Through the above detailed introduction, I believe that everyone is familiar with the types of hydroponic plants in Glass vases. Glass vases have always been a favorite decoration of many friends. They are beautiful and generous with some beautiful flowers. It is really very good. Good choice.


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