Hydroponic plants suitable for glass vases 2

Hydroponic plants suitable for glass vases 2

4. White Crane: The white crane is a perennial plant of the Araceae family, with basal leaves, leathery, oblong-lanceolate, acuminate at both ends, dark green with silky leaves, with obvious midribs and petioles. Buddha flame buds stand upright, taller than leaves, broad ovoid white or slightly green; fleshy inflorescences are creamy yellow, slender, and bloom in spring and summer. White crane taro is an important ornamental plant, which can observe both leaves and flowers. White crane taro is regarded as the "flower of innocence", which means pure, peaceful, peaceful and peaceful. Hydroponics grow well, and the effect of increasing air humidity is very obvious.


5. Caladium: Caladium is a perennial herbaceous plant of the Araceae family, with enlarged tubers underground, basal leaves ovate triangular to heart-shaped ovate, with a shield-like growth, green with white or red, pink, silver and other colors Spots, and embellished with heterochromatic stripes, spots, halos and borders. The buds are white, and the fleshy inflorescences are yellow to orange-yellow. It likes high temperature, high humidity and semi-shade environment, not cold-resistant, suitable for indoor hydroponic cultivation, strong vitality, and simple maintenance.

6. Plants suitable for growing in Glass vases-rich bamboo

This is a common type of hydroponic plants, and has a long history of hydroponics. Hydroponics is easy to use, simple to manage and maintain, and its shape is elegant and free and easy. It likes a warm, humid and semi-shady environment, resistant to water and humidity, especially suitable for hydroponics, fast growth, and strong ornamental. Hydroponic water injection is suitable for about 1/3 bottle, not too much, otherwise it will be easy to yellow leaves. You can add a little fertilizer every time you change the new water to make the branches and leaves more green and bright.


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