Hydroponic plants suitable for glass vases 1

Plants that can be hydroponic in Glass vases

 1. Clivia: the famous greenhouse flower hydroponic Clivia, the leaf color of hydroponic Clivia is green and shiny, the plant is elegant and handsome, gentlemanlike, the flowers are like orchids, beautiful and generous, and shade-tolerant, suitable for indoor decoration of potted plants, for foliage viewing Flowers are also ideal potted plants for arranging conference venues and decorating hotel environment. There is also the role and use value of purifying the air.

2. Hyacinth: Hyacinth is also called daffodil, western daffodil, five-color daffodil. Hydroponic hyacinth is one of the most easily cultivated varieties of flowers in hydroponics. Keep the hyacinth in a special glass bottle like a gourd. On the top you can see the flower clusters of the hyacinth, and below you can see a bunch of thick white roots of the hyacinth; and there are many colors of the hyacinth, so it can be There are also many options for offering. In addition, hyacinths have a good meaning. They represent positive and upward, and represent love of life. The time of blooming symbolizes the arrival of spring and is inspiring.

3. Plants suitable for growing in glass vases-sclerotium: sclerotium is a plant of the genus Araceae and belongs to the vine-climbing and foliage-seeing flowers. Sex likes a warm and humid environment. The vines can grow up to several meters, with aerial roots in the internodes, and the leaves will grow and grow. The leaves are alternate and evergreen. The stems are soft and the leaves are delicate and beautiful. Aquaculture is very simple. Make sure to change the water every 2-3 days with a small amount of nutrients. Green dill has a high ornamental value, the stems droop naturally, which can not only purify the air, but also make full use of the space, adding lively lines and bright colors to the dull cabinet.


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