Glass vase introduces literary and artistic style to the landscape

Glass vase introduces literary and artistic style to the landscape

Flower arrangement has always been a beautiful landscape of home design. Of course, we cannot do without the design of vases and flowers. The design of the vase can be matched with flowers to make the room more beautiful and natural.


This European-style Glass vase has a hollow cap, which looks very fashionable. The light blue design tone contrasts with the background wall, which makes people feel very suitable for matching.

20cm Transparent glass vase-4...jpg

The uniqueness of this glass vase lies in its tone, which is basically the same as that of flowers. It makes people feel dreamy and gorgeous.

Symphony and colorful meteorite glass vase (4).jpg

The colorful glass vases are small and cute, and the round bottles are very eye-catching.


This long and narrow glass vase and this fat glass vase look very simple. Its style design looks ordinary and simple, but I didn't expect it would perfectly match the simple style home design.

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