Environmentally friendly food packaging glass

As sustainable development becomes the focus of attention, it has never been more important to make your catering business more environmentally friendly. Glass is a good choice for environmentally friendly food packaging.

Glass is made of abundant natural resources and can be used repeatedly. You will find that glass is an excellent material that can be used as environmentally friendly food packaging for products.

Chutney Jar

For suppliers of jams, pickles and jams, glass jars are an essential material for your food packaging. But the glass chutney jar is also an excellent container for pasta sauce, curry paste, ketchup, cream sauce, etc. Therefore, we provide us with a wide range of chutney jars.

jam pickles jars 220ml.JPG


Glass is not only an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. It also has a high-quality look and feel, which can ensure that the product is sold to customers. These glass sauce bottles provide recyclable, environmentally friendly containers for any kind of sauce, from coffee syrup to passata to red pepper sauce!



Whether you are an essential oil infuser or organic olive oil (or both), we will provide a series of stunning glass oil bottles to meet your needs. Check out these fashionable dressing bottles from our fabulous oil bottles.

250ml round dark green olive oil-1.png

Drink bottle

No matter what kind of beverage you offer, you can buy our wide range of glass beverage bottles to find the beverage that best matches your brand or product. Choose from recyclable juice bottles, beer bottles, and wine bottles. Our swing bottles can even be reused – so you can provide drinking water and wine in an eco-friendly way from time to time!


Hualian Glass is a professional manufacturer and wholesaler of high-quality Glass vases. Choose your favorite glass vases from our website. There are various types of vases, and customization is welcome.

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